do you know the trills?

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Jan 2, 2012 23:15
well I thought about it and I don't know if there are more languages outside Hebrew and Arabic where people trill when they are singing.
I hope that trilling is the right word for it, in Hebrew we call it silsulim.
I'm not a big fan of music where people trill, but when someone does it good it's really something which can be beautiful.
it's lead me to tell you of a show here about kids who sings (yes, kids really became a good gimmick, no? I mean people love to see kids do all kind of things,especially if most kids can't do them).
anyway, the winner of this show is a kid who knows how to trill so good, it's so beautiful, a real talent.
so I would like to show you what I'm speaking about. is name is Michel Cohn (hope I wrote his name right).
here is the song which he won with, it's a song from Psalms (yes, this book from the bible) calls "Cast me not off in the time of old age" (ok I took this translation from the internet, it was hard for me to find out how to translate it haha):

and one more song he sang calles "Barcelona" of Jo Amar (the song ends in 4:07):

I don't like the fact that they show sometimes the parents and they are speaking while the child is singing, like in the second song (but if I remember right in the fisrt too). I'm like- why should we hear what they are saying? we want to hear the kid! also the applause - just too much! why to do it in every good part?? it's only disturbing from hearing it!

anyway, hope you loved it.
and one more song,this time of Ofra Haza, which you might know from- "The Prince of Egypt" where she sang the part of Yocheved (mose's mother) in the song "Deliver Us" in 17 languages.
in the beginning of this song she trills too and the song itself is just so wonderful:

she was a great singer.

ok, so that all about this topic. if you know about more languages where people trills I would like to know! : )

and, of course, I won't forget to say to you all:
have a happy new year! hope that this year we will all get better in the languages which we are learning, that it will be a successful year and full of joy year to us all! : )