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Mar 30, 2009 00:24
Busqué el libro de frase para el homestay en España. Por que no hay bastante tiempo antes de allí.

I looked for the phrase book for homestay in Spain.Because there is enough time before go there.


Pero, lamento, no hay.

It was too bad though, there wasn't.



Actualmente,creo que su importante para aprender gramática collectoly,pero quisiera comunicar con la familia y educada con vosotras. Así que trato de imaginar en la stuation antes, y pensaro sobre frases y, va a poner este journal.

Actually, I think its important to learning grammar collectoly though I' d like to communicate with the family which I'll stay at their home and touching them politely. So I'll try to imagine the stuation in ahead of time, and think about the phrases, then pop it up onto this journal.



Va a estar feliz, si corregir mi escritos. Espero con ilusión recibir tu correctión. Gracias!

I'll be happy if you correct my sentences. I'm looking forward correcting from you. Thank you!


*My spanish is very bigginer, so I'll try to write it in English,too.