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Jun 12, 2012 13:41
Please correct my letter.

the recommendation
for the personnel of volunteer activity

I recommend Alice, as a member of the personnel of the volunteer activity.
She is a devout Christian, and one of the believers who pray most in our church.

Then, she is a leading member of the gospel choir “Genesis.”
When we listen to her singing, everybody recognize that her singing is led by the holly spirit.

In the past, she was under lots of the trials and the tribulations. She overcame lots of mental
and economical difficulties again and again. Each time, she experienced pity and comfort by god.

Also, I have requested her to produce the booklets of “NPO( a Non-Profit Organization) JC works” which is a supporting organization for homeless persons. She made the wonderful booklets, and she quoted a few verses from the bible in the booklets.
Isaiah 51
Though Zion is in ruins,
the lord will bring comfort,
and the city will be as lovely
as the garden of Eden that he provided.
Then Zion will celebrate;
it will be thankful and sing joyful songs.

She gives these verses from god,
and I think it describes the vision of god planning to her.

There are many weak and wounded people in Japan.
It is hardly possible that Jesus actually leave them alone.
I really wish she is used for the purpose.