Have You Been to "Disney Sea"?

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Dec 13, 2011 10:49
We went to Disney Sea.
I checked up about the rides and the shows in website before going.

I think a person who has visited there many times maybe understood the map of the inside, but I couldn't easily understand it.

I aimed for a huge volcano because I visited it for the first time.
Because it's huge, we can see it before entering Disney Sea.
This volcano was most suitable for the mark.

We waited for 45-150 minutes until we can get on the attractive rides.

We went on last Saturday, the entrance was restricted.
And the ticket on that day wasn't sold until 6 pm.
According to my daughter, we shouldn't have visited there because we expected the crowd on weekend December.

According to the grandchild who went together, the waiting time is much so that popularity of the ride is high.
Then she didn't mind the waiting time.

We weren't able to use restroom, a popcorn stand and restaurants without making the long line.
However it was very fun.