People in The Nursing Home Has A High Fever with A Diarrhea

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Nov 28, 2011 10:02
A doctor called us, " More than 10 people in a nursing home has diarrhea and a high fever".

In the schools and the nursing homes, they call us because of preventing a mass outbreak of influenza and the norovirus when around ten people have a certain symptom on the early winter.

9 residents in the nursing home had a high fever with diarrhea in this time.

The food poisoning also was one of the cause diseases.
The staff of the nursing home also ate the same meal, but they didn't have a symptom.
So we denied food poisoning.
Norovirus is very likely to be the cause, we thought.
The result becomes clear soon because we have already carried out inspection, However, the cause is unclear in many cases.