Misundestanding Happened

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Nov 18, 2011 09:32
I have done two mistakes yesterday.

One is Japanese sentence lang-8er made.
When I read his sentence "わたしはまちでしろいくるまをみた", I replied " What a surprise you were!"
That's why I mistook the car for a bear.
Furthermore, there was a reply from him, but the communication was not good.
I apologized to him last.

The second is an invitation of the party from a church.
Jeane asked me "Can you attend the dinner party?" when I went to the church.
I answered " the charge is 3,000 yen ?" and then she showed me her cell-phone.
I watched the email sentence she made.
"It was 300 yen".

Why would I have done such a mistake?
I reflected that I must be careful.