Eat at home or Out?

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Apr 28, 2011 17:35
Do you like delicious foods? I think your answers should be like "Yes, Of course". So, Do you good at making a delicious food to satisfy with your friends' tongue? Certainly, it's not easy to cook a nice dishes because cooking is a high technique job. I seldom invite my friends to eat at home because I am not confident in my cooking skill although my friends would not mind of it, or even a clear soup noodles. Making a delicious food is a high technique job because you need to know what kind of food material, tool, and recipe you need to prepare and how to select, use food material and tool, and do a cooking. In China, there are thousands of food material and cooking methods. Even if the material is the same, the taste may be variant from different cooking methods and different chefs. For example, a fish can be made by frying, steaming, cooking or salting etc. The supplementary raw material could be any kind of vegetables or even China Traditional Medicines. So, it is not easy to cook such nice dishes at home, if you invite a friend for a meal, I suggest you go to a restaurant or a chophouse.

For a second consideration of eating out, most Chinese people would like eat out when invite friends or hold celebration activities, such as birthday party, relationship building party. In these situation, usually, there should be a host to pay the bill in turn at this time, the custom is different from Western's dutch treat. For this reason, it would be consider stingy because you will spend less money on eating at home than restaurant, or when your friends invite you in restaurant for a return order next time, you would feel like owing something. Inviting a friend eating at home is not always considered stingy, but at sometimes considered to be too friendship. If your relationship is not so good that eating at home would make your friends uncomfortable and troubled you.

Finally, eating out can be considered convenient and save more time to chat or do other things. Eating out could be less one third of the time than eating at home, that is, if taking twenty minutes in restaurant would taking one hour at home. After meal, eating out means no need to do washing dishes and cleaning work. Especially, when you invite a lot of people for a meal, eating at home would be a very much challenging work. For example, when I got an admission offer from a college when I was eighteen years old, my parents invited many friends and relatives to celebrate it, there were about 80 people and each eight people took sits around a round desk with eighteen dishes, the total amount of dishes were over one hundred. It was such a huge work that I remembered by now. Anyway, it was a happy and delicious party. Now, in my hometown, many such parties would be held in restaurant for convenience and delicious tastes.

Certainly, there are many reasons to support my view that eating out is more better than eating at home when you inviting friends for a meal. In contrast, if you have time or want to save money, it is a better choice to eat at home.