Study by Yourself

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May 27, 2012 10:41
Ordinary, Sundays are holiday in my cram school, but it is opened today because some of my students have an exam on next Thursday and Friday.
It means I went there for my students on holiday but I don't care.
The thing I care the most is whether they will get good scores or not(=ω= )

Honestly, I think I don't have anything(for this exam) to teach to them.
Only thing I have to do is to manage their task schedule.
However, this is so difficult.
How do I let them study by themself?
Giving them homework, giving them a space for study(like today),,,
Do these ways become an essential answer of my question?

Today I try to show how I study by myself to them.
I mean I show an attitude without any words.
In Japanese, "背中で語る".
I hope they understand how to study.何か掴んでくれればいいのですが…