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Mar 5, 2019 13:11
実際には、正直言ったら英語学習者を教える英語の教師になると考えています。そうしたらまた日本に暮らすことができますし。そしてさ、僕はヒッピーです!人生には海しかいらないです。もう最新のやつを買う気がないし、給料が下がっても、楽しめる仕事ならお金なんか構いません! :P
It's been a long time, Lang-8. I haven't really used Japanese in a while, so I thought I would write on here again.
How is everyone? Lately I've been nostalgic for my life in Japan as an English teacher. I'm not a full English teacher in America, so if I use Lang-8 I can feel like I'm a teacher once again.
Actually, to tell you the truth I'm thinking about becoming an English teacher for foreign language students. I could live in Japan again if I did.
And ya know, I'm a hippie! All I really need in life is the beach. I don't need to buy the latest things anymore and even if I take a pay cut, I don't care about money if it's a job I enjoy doing! :P