People Who Can Make Effort By Themselves Are Always Cool.

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May 20, 2012 22:03
Suddenly, this idea came up to my mind.
In my life, I haven't made much effort for something. My life is like a normal successful life which was achieved by no effort but just luck.

Today, I watched a Youtube video about the gymnastics team of men which got the gold medal on Beijing Olympic Games. In this video, the narration was saying that they competed each other even in the same team and made much effort to accomplish the goal.

I personally think people who can make effort by themselves are always cool, and that they can make effort is one of the talents they have. I know I'm the type of person who has to make effort because I'm not talented and genius at any field. It's time to change my life. I may face a lot of difficulties in my near future. So when I had those difficulties, the only thing I can solve them out is just to make effort and make myself more strong both mentally and physically.

Anyway, what I should do for now is studying for an English test on this weekend.
Please cheer me on!

Thank you for reading.