Tired but happy

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Feb 17, 2013 15:26
Tired but happy

Yesterday the man I was waiting for came to my country.
We almost never went to Ezeiza airport and for this reason I have no idea wich bus is better or how many time I had from my house to Ezeiza.
Yesterday I was walking maybe for 1 hour then I could found the bus but wasn´t the rigth one and I take maybe 3 hours to arrive airport and bus crash with another bus no one gets hurt but so many pieces of mirror enter in my shoes, I feel so much pain. And maybe one of the most awful stuf about yesterday was the hot day 37 degrees was the worst, when I arrive to airport I look in the mirror and I couldn´t belive, no hair style leg bleeding, all full of sweat, I feel bad but I could look better before he came, only for yesterday Thanks Air Canada for be late.
So now, I should sleep but yesterday I was so nervous my stomach start to pain, I can´t sleep.
Good Night everybody!! Have a really good dreams. Or Good morning, Have an awesome day!!!
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