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Jan 11, 2013 06:07
Long time no see my lang friends!! This page is so important to me because I meet a really wonderful people (but sometimes they were not so wonderful :/) and I can learn and have fun with them, Thanks lang8!!!
I was so busy this months, in fact I actually busy but today I can write something. My new work is not like who was looking for, is so mmmm its like slavery, Im not lie, I work almost all day and the pay is so poor! I was posting stuff about Che Guevara, now I feel like I disappointed him because I still working there.
Well, Is hot here, I Gonna live in artic or so lol!! Buenos Aires is burning!!!!!
See you my friends, have a great days!

PS: I meet someone and he`s the most lovely man I ever saw, Im happy now.
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