The last day

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Jan 29, 2013 10:51
Today was the last day working. I hate so much this work but I´ll miss so bad my partners, they´re great, awesome people, I always had fun and laugh so much even when I was tired or had a little figth whit some costumers.
The nice thing about job is I always make a new friends, in this oportunity I think Denisse was the best one I had, she´s so funny, cute and she´s English student so she help so much all this time, we speak in English all morning and singing and do skate rink, then the boss change her days and hours and we could see only 2 hours per day but rush hour, so we can´t sing or talk or skating. Now I´ll miss her so bad I hope this friendship never ends like she said.
I´m happy, new life are waiting for me. yaaay