Like A Mirror

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Nov 20, 2019 12:51
This past Monday I went to a temple. It's famous for the red maple leaves reflected on the floor like a mirror. It was stuninng. It was not that far from my house, but I felt I was in Kyoto. The entrance fee was 1,000 yen and parking was 500 yen. To be honest, I thought it was a little high, but It was my first time, so I was happy.

By the way, these both sentences below are okay?
Which is more natural?
- The floor reflected the red maple leaves on the floor.
- The red maple leaves are reflected on the floor.

この前の月曜日、私はお寺に行きました。 そこは床に鏡のように映る紅葉で有名です。 それは本当に見事でした。 家からそれほど遠くはありませんでしたが、京都にいるように感じました。 入場料は1,000円で、駐車場は500円です。 正直、少し高いと思いましたが、初めてだったので嬉しかったです。