A Radio Program of Science for kids

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Aug 2, 2017 21:15
Every summer break, I'm looking forward to listening to a radio program.
It's called "夏休み子ども科学話相談 (natsuyasumi kodomo kagaku denwa soudan)."
In this program, some young kids ask their questions to some experts in each genres of science on the phone and the experts answer to them through the radio.Their questions are based on what they wonder when they watch something at a picture book, on TV, and so on. Some questions seem very simple and I think I knew the answer at first. But sometimes the simple question leads to more deep knowledge or expands my understanding. So it really inspires me.
One of the interesting points is that it's a radio program so all of questioners, teachers, and listeners can't use illustrations, figures. In these days, we can usually use visual utilities like the Internet, TV very easily, but they can't. Furthermore, the questioners are very young, they are kindergarten kids or primary school students, so teachers have to use only very easy words. They really struggle to let kids understand.
Some kids respond honestly, the others hesitate to tell that they can't understand that well. I like kids' lively response and surprise.
It's very funny or a little clumsy. However, both of them are serious and love science, so it's very interesting and I love it.

Have you ever heard a similar program in your country?