I love this Japanese title

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Sep 17, 2019 21:39
I've seen a movie at home with my husband a few days ago. The sequel of the movie has released in Japan recently and I will go see it before long. This series of the movie was produced in the U.S. and the original title is "Dog's purpose". I was confused the difference of English title and Japanese title a lot so far, however, I love the Japanese title this time. The Japanese title is "Boku no wonderful life". "Boku no" means "my", so it means my wonderful life. If you know Japanese, you can find this wordplay. In Japanese, the bark of dogs is "Wan wan". So the part of the sound of "WON-nderful" in the Japanese title is similar of the bark of dogs. Do you think it is so cute? I love this Japanese title this time. I love dogs.