Walnut Allergy

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Apr 26, 2017 16:37
I'm allergic to walnuts. Other nuts like almonds, peanuts are okay.
When I buy or eat a new sweets for me, I sometimes check whether it includes walnuts. I love chocolate and chocolate cakes. However, they sometimes contains walnuts even though on rare occasions. When I get to know that, my terrible disappointment starts because I can't eat even just a bite.

In another case, when someone gave me a sweets as a souvenir, I sometimes have trouble with that.

Some other allergies like soybeans, flour or eggs are known better. Comparing to them, walnut allergy is less known and walnuts are not so often used. My allergy is not so serious and it doesn't danger my life. My mouth or eyes get itchy. It doesn't work to drink anything at all. I just have to stand with itchiness for a while.

So I want all of the shops and restaurants that sell chocolate sweets to show whether they contains walnuts on each package.