How many points did you get today?

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Jun 14, 2018 21:10
I listened to a lecture for psychiatric social workers yesterday. In the lecture, the speaker asked the participants in turn, "How many points did you get today?" The first person answered, "I got 90 points out of 100." and the next one answered, "I got 80." Then, the next was my turn. I answered, "I got 75 points." and she asked me, "What made your down point?" / "What was your deduction?" / "What did you think the cause is?"
I said to her, "Because my parents-in-law didn't get what I said."
She said "I see." and continued asking other people.
The last one answered, "I got 120 points!" and everyone bursted in laughter. The average was about over 80. She said that today's participants were happy because they might have a lot of experiences or be old enough.
Aging is not only bad thing.