Long Distance Walk Rally

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Apr 25, 2017 17:05
Last Saturday, my daughter walked over 20 kilometers as a traditional event of her high school. It was her second time. She was able to finish it last year, so I didn't worry that much this year.The weather was cloudy and medium temperature, so it was a good day for it.

I helped with serving drinks and candies as one of the PTA volunteers at around 20 kilometers. When she showed up there, she looked tired but I didn't notice she had trouble anywhere. After I finished my role and I went back near the school, I waited for her.
The time limit at finish was 4:30. Until then I killed time to talk with other mothers. As getting close the time other mothers went home with their daughters and I was left alone. I started to walk backward and I met some students. But there were not my daughter. Finally I reached the last student, but she was not my daughter.
I wondered when and where I missed her. I just had to go back and texted to her. She said she was in her school. I was relieved that she was safe but I didn't know what happened.

As soon as she came to me, she said she was exhausted and starving. She asked me to eat out before backing home. We decided to have dinner at a restaurant. On the way, she muttered, "Oh...I couldn't finished..." I was so surprised and wanted to ask about that. But she really looked exhausted and seemed to want not to be asked anything, so I couldn't ask that.

The total distance of the course was 31 kilometers, but she retired at around 24 kilometers. It was about 4 kilometers beyond my point. She said she really wanted to continue walking but the teacher stopped her. We were disappointed with that, but I knew I had to feel proud of her effort. Yesterday her foot still hurt and she asked me to take her to a hospital. Fortunately, she didn't break her foot. she applies a compress until her foot get well.