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Jun 3, 2017 11:24
(I wrote this for an assignment for my English class, though I know it's too long.)

I like science. New technology and products make me excited. They can solve a lot of mysteries and change our lives to be more convenience.

On the other hand, I know some most advanced technology are developed for war, such as drones or GPS. Sometime I feel frightened for the camera of my smartphone because someone can watch me through it all day.

Technology is just a tool, so the important thing is how to use by us.
Some fishy people can cheat the others with them, so we have to know about them to protect ourselves.

Some drivers who are playing with pokemon-GO during driving cause tragic car accidents and some children bully their classmates through LINE app. On twitter, someone who hide their real name attack to other people.
All of them are done by human and I think they are the same as things that they have been done since a long time ago, even though the tools changed.

Only worries about negative aspects just waste of time.
Recently I’m interested whether AI will be able to judge things ethically or not. If they can do that, we may loose our superiority.

Besides when new products are developed and launched, I think all manufacturers should consider the recycle in both of materials and products. Consuming can make financial cycle but we should care about the old one that we replace to new one.

I hope the intelligence of smart people are used for everyone’s happier life.