Don't get me wrong.

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Aug 27, 2019 16:03
Last Wednesday afternoon, I was waiting for my son. He took a trial class in a school. I stood outside of the library and was reading the poster on the window of the library. The entrance of the library had a security gate to prevent book thefts. After a while, someone was caught at the gate and the warning alarm were ringing. I glanced that through the window and burst into laughter. Somehow, he noticed me and seemed embarrassed. Sorry! I didn't laugh that you were caught there, I was surprised that he is the person I know! He was a senior of my son and I had met a few times before. He said he was a student of the school and I forgot that before I saw him there. However, I thought he didn't know me, so I didn't talk to him. He still might misunderstand the situation. If my son was there, I could talk to him.