Mom is Strong

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Aug 28, 2018 08:34
Last evening, my kids and I were in each room upstairs. As a weather forecast said in the morning, we had a heavy thunderstorm. My children hated thunders, so we gathered in a room downstairs and I tried to distract them from thunder.

At first, I chose some pop songs on Youtube and listened to them on my smartphone together. Then my daughter taught me the funny movie with one of the songs. We laughed. Next, I chose some dance music and dance with it even I usually never dance in front of them.

Their anxiety got smaller with laughing, but they still didn't want to clean the bathtub because the window of the bath faced to the side of the thunder and lightning.
I knew their fear, so I offered my kids to switch the cleaning the bathtub which I wanted them to do and putting tableware away to the shelf which I would do.

Then my son (he's the youngest.) said, "Mom, you're so strong."
I was surprised a little. To be honest, I felt scared with the heavy thunderstorm, but I hid my fear in front of them not to make them anxious.
So I got stronger for them to protect them from everything. Was I cool!? lol