The Name of the Volunteers for Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics

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Dec 12, 2018 15:18
Yesterday, the committee of Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games released 4 choices for the name of the volunteers for them. The people who applied for the volunteer can vote on it.

This is the list.

1: CAST (Field Cast / City Cast)*
2: Anchor (Games Anchor / City Anchor)
3: Force (Games Force / City Force)
4: Shining Blue (Shining Blue / Shining Blue Tokyo)
*(Game volunteer / City volunteer)

What do you think?

In my opinion, I can't choose anyone out of them.

The first one, "Cast" reminds me of Tokyo Disneyland. They call all staffs, including cleaners, "cast." This one is very normal, easy to understand, but not entertaining.

The second one, "Anchor" reminds me of a news anchor. I don't think it suits for a group like volunteers. The committee said it meant the last person of a relay, so it's important.

The third one, "Force" reminds me of a military. It sounds a little solid, and not fun.

The last one, "Shining Blue" are not totally understandable. They chose this because of the image color of these Games. But I wonder if the guests of native English speakers can imagine it means staffs.

The name of the volunteers for London Olympics was "Games Maker." The committee hoped the special name for the Olympics Volunteers unite them.

These four choices are English, but I'm worried that foreign guests can't recognize they are volunteers. Don't you think so?
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