May sickness (五月病)

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May 5, 2018 07:15
Do you know "May sickness (五月病 in Japanese)"?

In Japan, a lot of people are having a vacation called "Golden Week" now (from the end of April to the beginning of May). After then, some people feel sluggish. It's called "五月病 (May sickness)."

The reason is not only that they get tired because they did a lot of things on their vacation.

In April, there are a lot of changes for some people at work, at school, or in their life because in Japan schools and works start a new year in April. They have tried to fit their new life, and sometimes push themselves hard.

After such hard days and holidays, they feel tired. They may not notice their hard days, so they feel bad conditions suddenly suffer them.

I wish a lot of people feel refreshed and start a new month. :)
Don't push yourself so hard. Your health is the most important thing.