My Huggy Son

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Sep 18, 2012 15:21 Family
As I wrote before, I have two children.
The eldest is a 6th-grade girl and the youngest is a 2nd-grade boy.

My son usually sleeps with his grandparents in their room.
However, when he often gets into mischief or behaves unruly, they turn him out from their room and he looses his bed.

Last night he went upstairs without any regrets in such a situation and came to me.
And he said to me, "Mommy, I really love you and I want to sleep beside you!"
・・・I couldn't find a proper word to his glib attitude and said to him after a while.
"What kind of prank did you play downstairs?"
"Nothing.", he just said.

I think younger children among siblings is very good at purring and nestling like a cat.