My First Love

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Jun 6, 2012 10:34
Last Sunday I went to my old elementary school because our time capsule was reopened.
It was buried on the 20th anniversary of my school.
It was 30 years ago and I was the 6th grade.

I wrote a short essay how/what I will be at the reopen time with my favorite things, friends, dreams.
The essay was packed with a picture and a calligraphy each class.
Unfortunately our memorial treasures sank in the water at the bottom of the tank and had terrible smell.
So I dried it on a sheet. I could read a writing and see pictures.

As another purpose, I wanted to meet many friends.
Especially I wanted to see a male friend.
He was my first love but it was one-sided love.
He was always a leader, sportsman and very popular among girls.
I liked his smile.
We went different junior high school, so I had never seen him after the graduation.
I really wanted to see him, but at the same time I didn't want to be disappointed with him and I didn't want him to be disappointed with me.

When the event started, I found some friends. It was also very happy.
When I saw around, finally I found him!
He was standing over there and talking someone.
His smile still remained.
I was so surprised. Of course he got older but he was still nice!
I was so happy and I feel like getting back to a little girl.

By the way, which did he remember my first love letter or not?

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