What makes my cool friends excited?

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May 27, 2012 20:16
Two of my friends are big fans of 東方神起(Tohoshinki,TVXQ!).
It's one of K-POP male groups and very popular even in Japan.
Unfortunately I'm not interested in it and I don't know it very much.

They, my friends, are usually very cool and smart, I think.
However, when they talks about those guys, they are so excited and can't stop tell me how wonderful they are.
I usually like talking with her, but about the groups I'm sorry I sometimes feel bored.
But they continue talking their heated emotion.

I wonder what makes them so excited?

Once I tried to ask them about their beloved, but my question made them angry.
They said to me, "What!? Are you joking?", "Unbelievable!", and so on.
Even though I wanted to share their feelings, my aim were in vain.

After that, I decided not to ask them about it and just listen.

This rule is also applied to big fans of GUNDAM.
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