The Name of the Volunteers for RWC (Rugby World Cup) in Japan 2019

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Dec 12, 2018 15:37
In my previous post, I wrote about the name of the volunteers for the Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics 2020. I don't make my mind to apply for that. This time, I'll write the name of the volunteers for Rugby World Cup in Japan 2019. I've already applied and taken an interview for that.

The name for that is "TEAM NO-SIDE." "No side" is a famous phrase among Japanese rugby fans. They think it shows symbolically a rugby spirit. It comes from the scene they shake hands and praise their fight each other in line after they play the hard match. Even the match is incredibly tough, after then there are no sides(teams) and there are just brave players.

There is also a popular song, "No side" written and sung by Yumi Matsutoya(Yuming).
It was a big hit, so even now this phrase is popular in Japan.

Nowadays, people in worldwide use "full time" for the end of a match. But some Japanese fans love the meaning of this phrase.
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