Difference between Shrine and Temple

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Apr 14, 2012 16:33
Long time ago, Shinto and Buddhism were very close to each other in Japan.
There are some temples in the site of a shrine like Nikko Toshogu.

I'll find differences and common points about them as possible as I can.
I'm not sure whether these are right or wrong.

If you can see Torii(鳥居) at the entrance, it must be a shrine.
It consists of two pillars joined by two crossbeams and it's all red or vermillion, a middle color between red and orange.
Torii marks the entrance to a sacred area.

Some temples have a gate building and it may have a roof and statues inside of it.

If the name includes the letter of "神社" or "宮(guu)", it also must be a shrine.
In the case of a temple, it may include the letter of "寺"or "院".

I think the common things is to clean your hands and mouth with water at Tyouzu(/Temizu,手水)before praying.

and both in temple and in shrine we can donate(/offer) before praying.

Shinto god is usually hidden by the door of the building.
So when you want to pray, you need to get its attention to ring a hanging bell with rope and clap your hands.
Claping hands is also to clean your dirty.

Buddhist is expressed by a statue and in many cases you can see it in the main building of a temple.
So you don't have to clap to wake up it.