The Difference of the Way to Pray between in Shrine and in Temple

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Apr 13, 2012 14:14
Last week I went to the Sensoji in Asakusa.
It's a famous temple.
When I prayed in front of the principal image, there were two foreigners by my side.
Then they clapped their hands when they prayed.
I wanted to explain how to pray in a temple.
But I didn't do that because I was worried that I couldn't tell them enough.

I heard the following:
When we pray in a temple, we don't clap and just join our hands together.(「合掌」)
In the case of a shrine, we usually bow twice, clap twice and bow once more. (「二拝二拍手一拝」)

Of course, there are so many manners to pray.
This is just one of them.
And I don't know the reason in detail.
I think even some of Japanese are confused these differences.

If you're interested in the differences, please research it by yourself.
(I'm sorry.)