Was I Suspected?

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Sep 3, 2015 11:49
Last night, I was driving with my son.
It was his first day of this semester yesterday, so he was so tired and made a tantrum as usual at dinner time. His grandfather scolded him and I had to get my son away from his grandpa. After a while, he asked me to take him for a drive for a change.
When I was just driving after he bought some new notebooks and some snacks, a police officer suddenly showed up and led my car to pull over.

I didn't know the reason, so I got nervous. Did I overspeed? Did I make any violations?

After I slowed down and opened the window, he talked to me in very kind voice.
He was just looking for an eyewitness for the robbery that it happened around there last month. I answered, "I'm not neighbors and I'm just driving by chance, so I don't think I can help you." But he asked me to turn at the next intersection and try to continue to ask.

I wasn't in a rush and I didn't have any reasons to refuse, so I obeyed to him.
After he asked me some questions, moreover, he asked me to show my driver's license and tell him my phone number.

I was suddenly afraid that I was suspicious. Was I suspected because I was driving without any destinations? I felt my heart was beating fast.

I knew that my driver's license card must be in my wallet, but if I left it at home by mistake, I might get some offenses and charges. Desperately I looked for it and fortunately I was able to find it soon.

My son also felt anxious and embarrassed because I explained the reason of this drive. He tried to give his snacks to the police officer. (He thanked to my son and told that he couldn't do it on his duty in his soft voice with smile. My son's cute, isn't he?)

After some questions, he thanked us and let us free. Of course he was very polite and nice and I knew it was his work. But it was a rare experience for me, so I got nervous and after that I was relieved and we burst into a big laugh.

I just wanted him to calm down through the drive, but it caused this happening.

After I went home, I wonder if my son was still crying I might arrest by kidnap. That was horrible. I thought it was good it happened after my son stopped crying.

Thank you for reading my funny long story.










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