English Phrases in Volunteering at Events

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Aug 15, 2017 11:49
I'd like to know some proper English phrases in volunteering at events.
Could you help me?

You can reenter over there.
You can reenter from that gate.

You can reenter with this wristband.
If you wear this (wristband), you can reenter without a ticket.

Please show this when you reenter.

The color depends on the type of seats.
This color shows the type of your seat.

We detach a ticket up there, so please hold it. / -, so please keep it in your hand.

What should I say to cut off a ticket at the entrance?
cut off? detach? take? separate? anything else? tear it in half?

Please keep the stub.

If you bring both of today's stub and this drink ticket to a shop with this poster or flag in this city, you can get a free drink.

This ticket is available until this December.