Studless tires

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Jan 5, 2018 10:46
Yesterday I went to my brother's house, where I grew up, with my family in my car.
Every time we went there, my husband drinks there, so my husband usually drives in the way there and I drive in the way home.
I drive the car almost every day, but somehow shortly after we left home, I was getting sick.
At first, I thought my husband's drive was bad. However I noticed it was because the tires were changed to studless tires some days ago. I was surprised the difference of feeling between when I drive and when someone else drives. After the tires were changed, I just noticed the noisy and low sound by the tires. However, I didn't care the ride quality.
I apologized to him I wondered his drive and we exchanged our seats and I started to drive. I had to drive both ways and couldn't drink, but we had no other choice. I really enjoyed gorgeous meals served by my sister-in-law.