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  • I have had supporter for my waist.
  • Due to this, I have been wearing a special support brace for my waist.
Due to this = このために
brace = つっぱり,支柱;かすがい,締め金
special support brace = サポーター
  • but somehow, I am lumbago now.
  • Somehow, I am now experiencing lumbago.
experience = 経験する
lumbago = 腰痛

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Aug 15, 2009 08:30 Public old digital camera
  • It is very interesting camera because of the exaggerated perspective for the wide angle lens.
  • It is a very interesting camera because of it's exaggerated perspective for the wide angle lens.
exaggerate = 誇張する
wide angle = 広角


Aug 15, 2009 08:27 Public old digital camera
That sucks! (that's bad) Well if it makes you feel better, I got my bike stolen a dozen times! My personal record was just after 3 days! Thats why I stopped buying new bikes, those new shiny (especially mountainbikes) bikes have 'steal ...
agony (長く激しい精神的・肉体的な)『苦悶』(くもん),苦痛 / (特別な感情の)激発;突発
  • I pray somebody have not dismantled mine yet and he has not sold its each parts yet at Yahoo auction or such like that.
  • I hope that nobody disassembled it (or: took it apart) or put it on Yahoo for auction or something like that.
disassemble=take ~ apart=分解する
Painful is generally a word used when someone says things like: "That fall you had must have really hurt!" "Yes it was very painful" "Is it very uncomfortable?" "Its just a little bit sore is all" Sore isn't as severe as saying yo...
sore = (傷・患部が)『痛い』,触って痛い / (人が)(けが・打ち身などで)『痛みを感じる』

pain = (肉体のある部分の)『苦痛』,『痛み』 /

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Jun 26, 2009 21:24 Public Cycling
  • Actually, it is the garbage incineration plant.
  • Actually, it is a garbage incineration plant.
garbage incineration=ゴミ焼却場

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Jun 26, 2009 21:20 Public Cycling
  • Because they have no traffic signals, and have few vertical interval.
  • Because they have no traffic signals, and have few vertical intervals.
vertical intervals=高低差

length distance

Jun 26, 2009 21:19 Public Cycling
  • My muscles of my legs are little bit painful.
  • The muscles in my legs are a little bit sore.
muscle in 〜 = 〜の筋肉 

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Jun 26, 2009 21:14 Public Cycling
お疲れさまです! 歯を磨くis always "brush sb. teeth". You never say "I have to clean my teeth", that sounds like you're going to get some laundry detergent and clean them or something. Also, "brush my tooth" sounds like 歯は一個しか持っていない, so be carefu...

(哲が)多才の,多芸な,なんでもじょうずな / (道具などが)用途が広い,万能の

同等の,同量の,同価の / 同等(同価,同量)の物;(文法で)(…の)相当語句《+『for(of)』+『名』》

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