Osaka-ben, the dialect in Osaka (大阪の方言)

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Feb 13, 2009 22:23
I am living in Osaka.
We usually use the original dialect. We call it "Osaka-ben(大阪弁)".
Osaka people are proud of Osaka-ben. It's very unique and it sounds friendly.
Nowadays, many of young people over Skype are interested in Osaka-ben. Maybe I think, because they usually see Japanese animation or comedy show on TV or YOUTUBE.

So I will introduce a few Osaka-ben.

1) You are crazy.
= Ahoya-na(あほやな。) as Oaska-ben
=Baka(ばか。)as Tokyo-ben

2) Really?
= Honma?(ほんま?)as Osaka- ben
= Honto?(ほんと?)as Tokyo-ben

3)Ohhhhh, no....
= Wooowa, Akan-wa..(う〜わ、あかんわ。)as Osaka-ben
= AAAAh, Dameda.. (あ〜、だめだ。) as Tokyo-ben

4) I love it (very much)!
= ( Metcha ) Ski-ya-nen ((めっちゃ)すきやねん。) as Osaka-ben
= ( Sunge ) Suki-nan-da-yo(すんげぇすきなんだよ。) as Tokyo-ben

5) Why?
= Nan-de? (なんで?)as Osaka-ben
= Na-ze? (なぜ?)as Tokyo-ben

If you study Japanese very hard, you might not be able to understand our language in Osaka.
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