strange happening

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Jan 21, 2009 17:32
Yesterday, I was in the museum of art on the mountain.
I met a lady there. It was the first time to meet her. But I thought I have seen her before. I tried to touch her face, because she was so attractive for me. Then she urged me to hold her in my arms. And she said.
"You want to do, like that, don't you?"
Yes, That's right..but I wondered who she is.
Her temperature was gradually getting to be warm.
And she wanted to do "something" with me.

At the time, I noticed it was 2:30AM. I slept again....foolish.,,

僕はそこで一人の女性に出会った。初めて会ったのに、以前に会ったことがあるような気がした。彼女がとても魅力的だったので、僕は彼女の顔に触れようとした。 そうすると、彼女は僕が彼女を抱くことを促してきた。そして彼女は行った。「こんなふうにしたかったんでしょ?」

そのとき、午前2時半であることに気づいた。 もう一度寝た。くだらない。