Sweet Donuts / Perfume(スウィートドーナッツ/パフューム)

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Sweet Donuts

This is Perfume's song when they ware still 14 years old.
Recenry, Perfume's both songs and lyrics are mede by Nakata Yasutaka. But He just only made music before.
Kinoko's lyrics lke this are very interesting, because they have many humor and a little bit girl's negaive feelings.

What you said to me,,,, My heart was cold by it, and I got a bruise in my heart.
When I touched my wound softly that never heals, it was painful very much as being tightened by something.
(Sweet Donuts)
I have been to tempted by sweet voices up to now.
(Sweet Donuts)
It's a little bit burned my heart
最後の一言 すっと冷えて 心にアザがひとつできた
そっと触れても ぎゅっと締め付け 治らない傷は もっと痛む
スウィート ドーナッツ/甘い声に誘われてきた
スウィート ドーナッツ/ちょっぴり焦げた ハート

I am still hurt about that.
But if these are past things to meet you, I can feel all of them will be happy memories. Feels amazing.
(Sweet Donuts) Attention for high calorie love.
(Sweet Donuts) My drunkheart.
(Sweet Donuts) I don't wana envy my past love.
(Sweet Donuts) My questions will grow stronger.
今でも傷つく あの事も 君に会うための過去ならば
全部幸せな思い出に 見えてくるのは ホント不思議
スウィート ドーナッツ/カロリー高い恋には注意
スウィート ドーナッツ/酔ってる 私の ハート
スウィート ドーナッツ/過去の恋に嫉妬したくない
スウィート ドーナッツ/疑問は増える

If I could get my inner heart to be warm again by microwave, Can you eat it?
If I could get distance between you and me to be warm again by microwave, It will become good for eating.
電子レンジで 心の奥を 温め直し 食べられるかな?!
電子レンジで 二人の距離を 温め直し 食べごろになる