"Osechi" as the foods for new year

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Jan 3, 2009 13:39 food japan culture 日本 お正月 newyear
Happy new year everyone.
In Japan, we eat Osechi(おせち) at the first time every new year.
These can be preserved in few days, so we have to eat same foods in few days. But that means we can live without cooking during holiday. Because my mother also in holiday about house keeping.
Mackerel(kind of fishes) that soaked in vinegar,
fishes dried with soy sauce, lotus root,
salmon roe, burdock、shrimp,
boiled black soy bean with syrup, and "Zouni (雑煮:mixed salad in the white miso soup)".
you can see the one like the roll cake. This is "Datemaki(伊達巻き)". It is baked egg that is shrimp paste base with sugar.
How do you feel them? And what do you have in during new year holiday?