Thai foods タイ料理

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Nov 25, 2008 03:28 foods thai tennouji mio osaka restaurant abeno
I have a good friend on Skype from Thailand. She is very possitive, have knowledge, and makes me happy to talk to her. She is best friend on Skype. We are always talking about foods of own country each other.

These days, I found new Thai restaurant near by my Appartment.
But I don't know the kind of Thai foods at all. And I am weak for my stomach aginst very hot chili pepper foods. But I feel them so tasty.

So, I asked her what is the best choice for me in this restaurant.
She told me following,

1. Tom Kha kai------Chiken soup. this is not hot. you should like this.but order with rice.

2. Yam Woon Sen-----Salad with noodle. This is nomaly hot. so, You can say "Mai Ped( make this not to be hot)"

3.Kai tod------This is deep fried chiken.

And I went there tonight. I orderd Tom Kha Kai, Yam woon sen, and Kao Phad Kung(fried rice with shrimp) . There have no white rice, so o oderd fried rice. I didnt oder fried chiken, because lots of quantity.
そして僕は今夜そこに行きました。僕はトムカーカイとヤムウーンセンとカオファドクン(海老チャーハン)を注文しました。白ご飯は無かったので、チャーハンを注文しました。 量が多いのでフライドチキンは注文しませんでした。

the first, I heared that is not hot about "Tom kha kai" . actuary very hot... I had cough & liquid from my nose. On menu card, they say "It is not hot. Recomended for beginers of Thai foods and kids."
I think this is too dangerous for japanese kids.
the skins of burdock was in this soup. that was too hard. but tast is very good. flabor was coconuts.

2nd, Salad. I had mistake. I forgot to say them "make to be not hot!" I was paralyzed, because it is too hot.

3rd, Fried rice with shrimp, This is very good. Not hot at all. This is Like chinese food.

My first time traditional Thai foods ware too hot to me. but tast very good. I want to try them again. but next time, I don't forget to say "Don't make to be hot all of them!"

However, nothing happen to my stomach. This is hot, but gentle to stomach? I wonder them.
しかしながら、、、、僕のお腹に何もおこらないんです。辛いけどお腹にやさしいのか? 不思議ですね。