The new bicycle

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Sep 22, 2009 12:23 japan bicycle felt nara bike team road z35
I got my new bicycle at last. because the old one was stolen...
The new one have carbon frame. It was my first time to have the carbon frame.So I worried if it must be too delicate to treat it. Because it is not made of metal but is made of only carbon fiber and plastic resin. Actually, I have heard it is tender against UV. So I always keep it in my room. It means also I will never make somebody steal it. I will keep safe.
And It was really expensive. But don't worry. Because I have no car. I mean the bicycle have no tax, no parking, no gas. The cost to keep it is very cheeper.

新しい方はカーボンフレームだ。僕はカーボンフレームは初めてだった。それは、金属ではなく、カーボン繊維とプラスティック樹脂だけで作られているので、取り扱いに過度に慎重にならなければならないか心配だった。実際、それは紫外線に弱いということを聞いたことがある。 そこで僕は自転車をいつも部屋に保管している。そしてそれは、もう決して誰にも盗ませないぞということでもある。安全を守らないと。