the pump for bike (自転車用ポンプ)

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Jul 20, 2009 21:23 gadget bicycle cycling
I got the mini pump for bike, GM07 by GIYO. The main business of GIYO is as OEM maker. So, The almost same product is provided from BRIDGESTONE (2nd photo) too. But it is more 1,000 JPY expensive than Giyo's.
自転車用のミニポンプ GIYOのGM07を手に入れた。GIYOのメインビジネスはOEMメーカーとしてなので、ほとんど同じ製品がブリヂストンからも提供されている。しかしそれはGIYOよりも1000円高い。

I wanted the mini pump that can operate such like floor pump. A kind of them are provided from many brands. I have already searched all of them by internet. And I have read a lot of reviews about them. So I have actually decided to choice one of them, before.

It was "Mini morph" by TOPEAK (the 3rd photo), because the evaluation of it was high over internet.
But I saw the products both of them in the real retail today.
So I felt GIYO is the better about the usability. And I felt it more tough.
of course about the design, too.
しかし、僕は今日、実際に店で両方の製品を見た。それで、ぼくはGIYOのほうが操作性が良く、より頑丈だと思った。 デザインもね。