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Jan 30, 2009 20:38
I watched one movie to familiar with British English accent.
It's teenage movie. so, though its story is obvious, but handsome lead man made me happy:D
As I watched that movie about 4~5times, the OST is quite accustomed to hear.
Among them! The band 'The stiff dylans'!
The man is a part of the band in movie, then they sang 2songs.
One is 'Ever fallen in love', the other is 'ultraviolet'.
Good looking TVstar is better, but for singer, having attractive voice is best important thing to me.
After watched that movie, I connected England site, because I couldnt find, download the band's songs.
Anyway! I found their songs more and one site where I can download variety songs. Result!
Oops, actually, 'Ever fallen in love'isnt their song and there's many version sang many singers. But! I love the stiff dylans' ver.
Later, I changed my site BGM to that song though I'm not using it. hehe
Before this movie, my favorite is 'mamma mia'OST.
Already as you know, all those things are ABBA's famous songs.
Of course I had known their a few songs, but had done like very much.
[Is tense right? :-'( ]
However after watched 'mamma mia', I downloaded all songs, repeated and repeated again.
Oh! One thing more! 'the men who is better than flower?'OST is so nice too.
How powerful of the OST is!
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