My hero.

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Jan 9, 2009 22:22
My hero is patriots.
It was about second grade in elementary school when I thought about my hero at first.
One day, the teacher gave me a paper which ask a few things about me. In this questions, there was this 'who do you respect?'.
Well..of course there are many great people. but I haven't my hero.
So I started to think someone who is worthy to answer that question.
I thought up soneone. He is King Seo-Jong. He made Han-gul with scholars to help his nation. At that time, we used chinese character. We borrowed and create won law to mark. But it wasn't real our's and there was lots of unlettered person yet.
After I determined him of my hero, He is my hero but unreal hero.
Time goes by, at high school, I liked the subject 'Korean morden history' from the era Joseon to now. Actually though I'm not good at Korean history, I used to get good grade on korean morden history.
I don't know you know that (How can I revise this sentence more naturally?) korea was a colony of Japan.
There were many people who flattered Japan and when Japanese chased the patriots, some traitors helped Japanese. The other side, there were so many patriots. They resisted not just the forces also writting like poems, novels..(especially I like resistive poem)
They were not afraid of death, ro rather, some patriots sacrificed themselves for contry. They overcame any hardships.
Can I do that if happen again?
I really thanks to them and every ancestors who make efforts to protect our culture and Han-gul and so on.
One thing more, It's too unpleasant to me that the descendants who is traiots' are very wealthy, as they inherited many things which got by flattering Japanese. But patriots' descendants are really poor, as their father or grandfather gave-up their family to devote himself(Usually men). Then their family couldn't afford to get education well, cause they also hard to just keep their daily meals.
I want to that they get more respects.