Happy new year !...........?

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Jan 1, 2009 00:05
After a few minutes, Korea is new year. (what am I do on new year..)
But it seems to be not just happy.
People doesn't just happy to bad economy, and for me..as there are some worried things.
Everything was Ok until high school, though there was a pressure that I have to pass the test 수능 kind of SAT, though I didn't get great marks.
But after eter the university, I'm very nervous.
After a few years later I have to get a job, although I'm young yet but It's stressful.
And This year(new year), I'm planning to go to Australia on working holiday. But....yeah...I'm planning...but I can sure If I can go or can't.
But though If I go, It will be my first...challenge so I'm scared. haha
About during 1month, I lived without any idea cause I want to separate from reality.
But from new year, I have to move. scared.....
That's why It isn't just delightful.

Do you have any plan on new year?
Whatever it is, I hope that everythings will be good~ but first of all..for me ^ ^;
Anyhow, Happy new year! (I wish..)