The teacher I admire

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Feb 14, 2012 23:55 teacher essay composition admire
This is my English essay about teacher I admire. If you can correct it, I'll be grateful! :)

My chemist teacher is the best teacher in the world. She has been teaching me for three years and I can say she is one of few teachers who could turn my class on to subject.
I think she is about sixtybut she really doesn’t look her age. She usually dresses smart and elegant, but she doesn’t seem she takes care over her appearance. Due to her smallness she wears high heels. She also does make-up every day what it makes her younger. Owing to being chemistry teacher, her palms are burnt with acid or other dangerous substances. Her face is smiled, but not if someone makes her angry.
She has undoubted talent to teaching. She makes us hears her and she motivates us to study. Moreover, her lectures are fascinating. During her talk she uses to joke, what makes us more relaxed. She’s charitable, but strict. She know how to talk with youth without walking over she. Additionaly, she helps young people a lot. If someone has a problem, he can count on her, she’ll help him at once. She seems to love working with youth.
She is the best teacher I’ve ever met and I hope she’ll teach as long as she could in case to teach other generations. It would be really pity if other student’s couldn’t embrace her talent. I really admire her.

Thank you!