EXIT festival (day 3) - Revenge? Not quite

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Jul 15, 2012 23:35
You would guess the time was right for fate to give me and my fellow colleagues a little just deserts. I mean, we finally got first shift and shoud have had a chance to have a little down time in the bar. Wrong!

Apparently, last night was some sort of main night here at the festival so even though we worked only until midnight it was a full house. They say there is no rest for the wicked, but from what I gather there is no rest. Period. Busy, busy, busy.

The day began slow. Even though first shift started at 7PM the people only began trickling in at around 8PM. It was easy: a beer or two, water and an odd six pack. It wasn't until Suicidal Tendencies, a hardcore punk band, that the work started picking up real fast. They were loud and intense, and at the end of the performance the lead singer brought up some 15 odd people on the stage with the band. The music started roaring, the guys on stage started jumping and me and my friends watched all this from our own little part of hectic paradise. Example forthcoming:

Plan B was a good change from all that punk and was the last band we listened to before the end of the shift. The changing beats kept us hopping from one foot to the other while shouting orders for more of such and such drinks (especially white wine) and rushing around like headless chickens. Sample here:

So basically is wasn't smooth sailing for us in yesterday's first shift. We thought it would be nice for a change to chill out while the previous first-shifters got a taste of our job and bemoan their fate. We didn't get our revenge so our only consolation prize was the fact that we WOULD get to bed way before daybreak if we felt like it.

Milica and I, with the company of our fellow volunteer Milos, went around exploring other stages and other types of music. Some stages were too crowded for their allotted space while others kept us for a time depending on the performers. Towards the end we went to visit the famous Dance Arena that is open and crowded until 8AM every morning. Here is a visual:





It was a madhouse, and we idiots went through the throng of people from one bar to the next looking for our friends that we knew were working somewhere in there. I got away scot-free while poor Milica got a cigarette burn on the arm from one guy and Milos got a sneaker full of beer. Lucky, lucky me.

The party was over for us at about 3AM. The plan was to go home early and sleep in like all the other normal people on summer break. And I am proud to report that that was mission accomplished and I'm finally fully rested for another night of fun, fun, fun.

But, it's impossible that I haven't made a single mistake with my English. Give me some feedback people even if you think my writing sucks!