EXIT festival (day 2) - Working in the fast lane

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Jul 14, 2012 23:23
Another day, another second shift. And another early morning return home.

This night wasn't so bad. I guess the 'muscles' we aquired last night really helped us this time around. Everyone knew what the work entailed and how to go about their business. Well, everyone exept me and another girl.

Not 10 minutes into the shift the 'Boss man' came up to me and a girl that was standing to my side and told us to relocate to the back bar with the boys who were pouring draft beer into big cups. We were placed behind the ranks of the girls that worked in the busiest part of the bar. Apparently, the girls on the counter there aren't allowed to pour beer, energy drinks nor vine. That was my domain for the night. Not only was I doing something that I wasn't ready for and been put to work at the busiest part of the bar, but I was also put in charge of providing drinks to not one, not two, but FOUR girls! Not to mention that our shift started at midnight with the performance of the group New Order. Basically, it was jam-packed. And I felt as though I were a newborn puppy tossed into the deep end of a pool.

I got the hang of it after a while. It took me a couple of tries to finally face the fact that when pouring canned beer into a cup you have disregard all other shouted orders and do it slowly and with the cup at an angle unless you want the cup to look like it is filled with one part beer and one part foam - which in that case it most definitely is. With the words of one customer, 'I want beer, not ice cream.'

As to the music, it all went pretty well. But, in my opinion, the first day was way better. I am a person that listens to all kinds of music, but when asked for the group name I don't know 85% of the time. It frequently surprises me when I hear a song I know be sung by an unknown band name, but at the same time it makes me glad that I even know one of their songs. So it came as a surprise when I couldn't recognise even one New Order song. Even with yesterday's performance of Duran Duran, which was as packed as this one, I recongised a couple. But with New Order I had no such luck. Nothing, nada, nicht, niente, bupkis, zilch, zippo.

Next were Netsky and MC Dynamite. Milica was the one who wanted to hear them the most, and because we were working at the Main stage we got the chance to do so. Here's a sample of this goodness:

They were pretty good and I enjoyed them a lot, but they still couldn't compare to yesterday's Sub Focus. Or the performance of Modestep the day before last - but that's for another story.

MC Dynamite joined with Drumsound and Bassline Smith to give us a very good time. Once again the DJs lept to help us poor volunteers who have been on our feet all through the night.

The dancing was profound, and due to our new-found 'stamina' it was even more intense than last night. The smiles were all around, and with our smiles the customers were smiling as well. I heard that in other countries such as America the employer teaches its employees how to smile at the customers. It isn't a natural smile but some kind of a stretched professional smile. We don't have it. Our smiles are not fake. We smile if we want to smile, and don't smile if we don't want to. A real smile requires honest emotions, and seeing as we cater to people who can be drunk, high or plain wacky a smile is easy to some by.

Stay tuned for more about my experiences at the EXIT festival:)