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Jul 9, 2012 06:12
I wrote this on my livejournal account some while ago, but had to share it with you all:)

WARNING! The people that are mentioned below are barely of age if they are of age at all. The following text may contain certain things that the reader is opposed to as well as descriptions meant for entertainment purposes. Do not proceed unless you are perfectly fine with the aforementioned stipulations. Consider yourself properly warned...

For all of you who are expecting some heavy-duty BDSM, get your heads out of the gutter! Shame on you! And further more; if I wanted to post some steamy adult fiction, I certainly wouldn't have posted it on my livejournal account - my mother knows of it and is perfectly capable of using Google Translate! So without further ado, this is how the story goes:

Last week, a few days after her return from the show, my little sister had her first day in her new high school, and let me tell you this; I have never seen such a bundle of nerves in my life. I don't remember exactly how many times she asked me how she should introduce herself, but a double-digit number is definitely involved. My mom had told me to wait for her until her classes concluded and then go with her back to Pančevo so as she could learn the route. And in that hour that took us to get to our home she revealed the mystery that were her new classmates.

The description she presented me was an interesting one and I lapped it all up, hungry as I was for information on the subject. My mind created cliques and automatically singled out certain individuals that I found interesting. My memory of this conversation is a week old and there probably are a lot of mistakes regarding the validity of these claims all of them originating from the fact that I made conclusions regarding Jelena's conclusions that may or may not have been true in the first place, but that she made none the less from what she had seen and/or heard that day. Names will not be brought up not only because it wouldn't be nice for the person or persons that may be insulted by my findings, but also because I don't know any of them.

Let's start with the boys, shall we?

First we have the silent intellectual. Apparently, Jelena had only seen him during her first class after which he made an disappearing act and made himself scarce. She didn't even register him until he made himself known by making some conclusion or statement that seemed in his opinion quite obvious and for the rest of the puny mortals really, really smart. After class Jelena, intrigued as she was, wanted to introduce herself to the boy, but unfortunately Elvis had left the building.

The next one I dubbed King Bee as opposed to Queen Bee. I imagine him as a charmer, presumably one that has a good taste in clothing, and can make most girls go all aflutter by the single fact of him talking to them. I realize that the description is probably too far-fetched, but that's what you get when a young impressionable teen, i.e. me at the age of 16, gets her hands on American teen books/movies/dramas.

Behind door number three we have Mr. Romance. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single woman - read; girl - has at some point of her life dreamed of a man - read; boy - who would play for her on a guitar. Cheesy I know, but true non the less. Not only does this one have a guitar and knows how to use it, he is apparently really smart and good with numbers. The word geek may be used to describe him, but, hey, geeks nowadays are billionaires!

The Joker (not to be confused with Batman's Joker, because that one is just creepy) is next on the list. There is always at least one clown in a class that keeps the good mood flowing and can make you laugh when you are feeling down. From what I've heard from my sister, the jokes and jabs are not vicious in nature but are in fact, dare I call them, 'intelligent'. That is a good change from the usual idiotisms found too easily in high school classrooms.

A foreign student is always a breath of fresh air that can give you a new perspective on quite an assortment of things, but that is all in vain if said person doesn't know neither your language nor English, which is in itself an achievement in this day and age. From what I've heard, he knows only three things: 'Good day', 'Goodbye' and 'You are boring'. I tripped when Jelena told me about it.

You would expect a person with dreadlocks to dress the part, even though I don't know exactly what the usual dress code is, but apparently this guy looks 'normal'. Do not ask me about the definition of 'normal' because there aren't enough hours in a day for me to answer the question. It would be interesting to see a redhead with dreadlocks opposed to the usual blonde or honey-coloured ones we see most of the time. I wonder what his mother thinks of his look?

Aside from the six boys I've already mentioned, there are approximately thirty girls in her class as well. Sadly Jelena didn't have time to get to know them all very well, so these I am about to describe are the ones that caught her eye.

There is one girl that bears mentioning first. This girl is apparently the only one that knew about Jelena and the show she starred in, and was thus dubbed as Fan Girl. After Jelena's self-introduction in front of the class and the subsequent mentioning of the show (the prime reason she started school two weeks late), this girl was the one that asked and then at the same time answered most of the questions as she was an avid fan of the show. I wonder if she has a star crush?

Someone should probably tell these next girls that if they want to keep having good grades, they should probably avoid picking the teachers' eyes out. I was never the one who flaunted my preparedness in front of a teacher and instead showed it via my grades. FYI, I do want to point out the fact that I have never cheated of a friend's test and will never do so in the future. These four ladies are seated in the first row, right smack in front of the teacher and are, in my humble opinion, endangering his well-being. I do hope the teachers have good medical coverage.

And now we move on to the next person of interest: the Realist. This girl was the one who described to Jelena the school, the professors and the students when they were sitting out gym class. The girl - I know her name but I promised not to mention it in the text - evidently mentioned the faults and virtues of everyone and thus tried to make complete pictures of the people around them. Just to make things clear: these pictures I made of the people from Jelena's class are not realist paintings but caricatures meant to be somewhat satirical and put into a box with a certain label, even though people are too complicated to be compared to labels.

Only one of these girls met Jelena before her (Jelena’s) entry into the class. She was and still is for all I know a tennis player. They met at a tennis match hosted in Pančevo when Jelena was volunteering at the event. Their subsequent meeting at the new school was an unexpected and yet pleasant surprise. I don’t have any more information on the girl, but I am made aware of that the two, she and Jelena, are sitting side by side in classes.

The group of girls we clearly can’t get rid of is definitely the one in which the girls can’t put down their lipstick/lip-gloss/pocket mirror for the duration of the class, and are always fixing something that didn’t even get the chance to get ‘damaged’. I’ve had a bad experience in high school with this kind of girls. Let’s just say that they blamed me for their bad mark – read; four – on my unwillingness to help them completely during a test, disregarding the fact that I had a test to complete as well. My answer to that: screw you! Words were exchanged, insults were flung and the river ran red with the blood of our metaphorical battle wounds. I am willing to let you cheat off me, but don’t you dare insult me because without me you would only get a big fat zero instead of the positive mark you so undeservedly received.

This girl is the epitome of the two parts of the same coin. When you look at her, what do you see? You see a petite girl with the body of a ballerina, all grace and good breeding, but when she goes out on the court to play e.g. volleyball, she turns into an athletic monster that runs hither and yon to catch the ball. It’s like Peter Parker and Spider-Man, but without the radioactive spider bite.

My favourite group is definitely the one with the monster-crazed girls. They are like family to me. I hope they like more than just vampires, because there is a whole world of creepy-crawlies waiting to be discovered. Books (audiobooks included) and movies are my favourite pastime and an integral part of my life.

Thus we come to the end of this particular entry. It’s evening here in Arilje and it has just crossed my mind that I have been writing about the girl part of the text for the better part of four hours. So let’s leave the lengthy conclusions for another time and call it quits.

P.S. Please read the WARNING! at the beginning of the entry carefully before continuing on.

P.P.S. Despite your thinking that there is some sexual innuendo in the WARNING!, there is none of it in its wording and in the subsequent text. That’s just me taking a few numbers off your IQ.
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