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Mar 23, 2014 05:45
            "The Iridescent Kaleidoscope"

On a fresh spring morning with an azure sky, a vast pond was being covered in petals from a nearby blossoming sakura tree. Petals fell on cotton candy like lily pads, which were spread all over the surface of the water. During that something similar to bright stardust twinkled about.

A nymph wearing a pure white sugar dress covered in lace and bows came to marvel at the graceful scenery. Her eyes glittered with excitement for some time, and she gazed at it like a painting at from an art museum. Afterwards, she came to close her eyes with the long and curly eyelashes.

She took a deep breathe of the spring breeze, and once again opened her eyes, this time to a new scenery.

Iridescent bubbles were dancing all around the pond. It seems that the neighbouring aristocrat's children had gone out to play with the bubble toys. They were just imported from overseas, and were quite a hit with the high class.

It then struck her that she too had this bubble toy, for her father had given to to her just the day before.

Quickly she searched her left pocket and took it out without a moment's notice, then opened it up and blew through the small plastic circle.

As she blew the shy bubble grew more and more, and stared to change from its round shape. Within a few minutes it had the shape of a dragonfly.

Slowly but surely, the bubble dragonfly took tangible form, and flew off into the vastness of the pond.

The girl was in astonished. Perhaps she had not yet woken up? At once she rubbed her eyes to check if she had truly been awake.

Upon doing so the dragonfly came back to her like a faithful dog. Close up she could see that the dragonfly's wings were changing colour like a kaleidoscope,
which enchanted her like a witch's spell.

The dragonfly was clairvoyant, and thus decided to tell her a secret as a reward for letting him free from the bubble toy.

"If you drink the water of the pond you will forever remain immortal," buzzed the dragonfly.

And that very instant the dragonfly flew off again into the far off distance. The girl was baffled, and did not know whether or not to believe what the dragonfly said to be true.

And then she remembered.

"Why I say, my mother warned me of this through a fairytale. In it a monster wished to trap a girl by telling her a great secret. Hence, I shall not drink this water. I would rather grow old and wrinkly than be trapped like him."

And so she left the pond and merrily skipped towards her family's palace.

As the pond began to vanish from existence.....

La Fin.

日記をつくるために暇がありませんでした(๑ ̇̅ ॄ ̇̅๑) ˙̣̣̥̺͆


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