Blood donation

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Apr 12, 2012 00:45
It’s spring and all that we can hear around us is the importance of physical purification of the body together with the spiritual one. For the physical purification, we are advised to eat more vegetables and fruits and there are various pills that boast about detoxifying your organism. I chose the quickest and the easiest option for this: for the first time in my life, I decided to donate blood. My motive was purely selfish because your blood revigorates, the immunity of the body increases and you are less vulnerable to vascular accidents. Plus, I could find out my blood group, whether or not I had some diseases and some meal tickets that could assure me a fine dinner. So, I wouldn’t say that my motive was altruistic in nature because I wasn’t so much determined by the idea that my blood might save a person’s life. Maybe because I don’t like hospitals or sick people and if you are not around them, you are not aware of how little gestures from your part can change somebody else’s life, but that’s another story.
The first thing to do was to find someone willing to accompany me. The thing proved to be very difficult because nobody wanted to come and I encountered various refusals, like I’m afraid of needles, I’m anaemic, I’m not in town. In a word, excuses. I’m afraid of needles too, but the idea that I could conquer my fear made me more stubborn in my decision. Finally, I convinced a girl to come with me and the next day in the morning, on an empty stomach we were at the hospital to donate blood.
There were so many people that instantly I thought to return another day, but on a second thought , knowing myself, I knew I wouldn’t be so open to sacrifice another morning. It was something needed to be done there and then!
When time to give our personal data came, I encountered the first criteria that could decide whether or not I could donate blood: my weight. The lady from the hospital put me on a scale and she said, I quotewith bag, clothes, all, you have 51 kg, there’s no point”. What? I had no idea that I should have a certain weight to donate blood. Otherwise, I wouldn’t wake up in the morning and made that unnecessarily walk. I was very disappointed and also I feltrejected like my blood wasn’t worthy enough to mingle with somebody else’s blood.
The girl I came with passed the scale test, but on the initial blood test came out that she had low hemoglobin and she couldn’t donate blood either.
I had in my mind this idea that people didn’t want to donate blood but the true is that few people can actually do it. Like from two potential donors, me and my friend, we were both rejected. But if you can donate blood, do it even only for egoist purposes. I plan to eat more in the Easter period and try again.
Ahh, and you can live longer if you constantly donate blood.